Our Story

Our founder, Alex, loves his carbs as much as the rest of us. After getting bariatric surgery and making the commitment to lose weight and live healthy, Alex needed to find alternatives to regular pasta and rice – no way was he going to live without them!

The pasta replacements needed to be low in calories and low in carbs so he could still lose weight and avoid the discomfort that can come with high-carb fare after weight loss surgery. It had to be natural and safe. It also had to be great-tasting and easy to use.

Alex tried a variety of different shirataki pastas and other replacement noodles and rice. Some were surprisingly high in calories and carbs. Others had an unpleasant odor or taste. Some products were bloating, others were too tough to chew, others had way too many ingredients, and still others were hard to prepare.

Alex set to work creating a line of low-carb pasta and rice products that would meet his needs and created NutriNoodle. These bariatric-friendly pasta and rice products are also friendly for everyone who wants to replace some of their carbs with great-tasting, easy-to-use substitutes.

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