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Why NutriNoodles?

NutriNoodles let you bring pasta and rice back into your diet without guilt. They have 90% fewer calories than regular pasta and rice, and they have 0 net carbs! NutriNoodles are the best shirataki products on the market. They are easy to use and have no unpleasant odor. Use them in your favorite recipes without adding loads of calories and carbs.

How Do NutriNoodles

Stack Up?

Firstname NutriNoodles Regular Pasta and Rice
Carbs 0 grams net carbs 30 to 40 grams net carbs
Calories 10 to 15 calories 190 to 210 calories
Glycemic Index Low (no blood sugar spike) High
Cooking Time 1 minute 10 to 30 minutes
Gluten Gluten-free Pasta has gluten